About Us

This blog is written by 4 friends which various opinions, lifestyles, stories, and beliefs.

Although one thing we all agree on is Jesus.  He is the only.  The way.  And our Savior.  Because of his life and death we know Heaven is in our future.

Briana – Wife. Mother of 2 girls. In the process of adopting.  Photographer.  Paleo/whole30.  With a smile that lightens up any space.

Heather – Wife.  Mother of 2 boys and 1 girl.  Foster parent. Children’s admin for her church.  Paleo/DF/GF.  Bold.

Kristen – Wife.  Mother of a daughter and son.  Speech therapist.  Preschool coop teacher.  Patient.  Dairy Free.  The calming voice in our crew.

Megan – Wife.  Mother of 2 boys.  Student Mom.  Nutritionist.  Food Desert Activist. Baker.  Knowledgeable on many topics.  Keep us on our toes!



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