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What to do?

Last night around dinner time we got a text asking if we were willing to fill our other “bed” with a 1 month old little boy.  No one in our agency had an open bed and they wanted to give CPS an option. What you think would be an easy decision of helping where it’s needed was surprisingly difficult.

The heart hurts for this little person and wants to take him in and snuggle and love on him.  But on the other had we have a 5 week old already.  Could we handle twins (basically)? Would the chaos be too much?  Can our kids handle another little person in the house and even less of mom’s direct attention?

See.. Hard…

C sat down with the kids at the dinner table and explained what was going on and wanted their input.  Each of them immediately said, YES! C explained they would have to be uber helpers and simmer down on the fighting.  They said they would and were excited to meet the next baby.  We were asked several times what his name was? When is he coming? Is his mommy sick too?  Will she get better?

Their open, honest, unconditionally loving little hearts melt me into a puddle on a regular basis.  They seem to get the foster process better than I ever thought they could.

We weren’t chosen for this little guy, another family that was just certified get to love on him.  And 20 minutes later another request came out for a 7 month old little boy. Now 1 month to 7 months is a little bit different.  Similar worries are brought up, and with help from a certain late night owl as a sounding board, we decided to sleep on it and decide in the morning if our assistance was still needed.  I like to think I’m superwoman but that spread of ages had me worried.  They were able to find another home for him as well.

However, this morning, I almost feel as if we didn’t do what we needed to.  I’m sure another little one will come up soon and we can help then, but maybe we were supposed to take that leap of faith last night and let God do His thing without our concerns getting in the way.

Maybe we should have had the trust and understanding of a 4 and 5 year old.