Today is my birthday. 

It’s the big 3-0.  As daunting as this seems to some I take it as a challenge.  I’ve survived, no persevered through 30 years of life.  The good, the bad, the ugly, the insane, the beautiful, the surprising, the unbelievable, the loving, the forgiving.  I feel wiser and a bit more prepared for the next chapters of life.  And ready to share the little lessons I’ve learned along the way with others.

The beginning of life was easy.  Wake up, eat, play, school, more play, eat, bathe, sleep.  Simple. Routine.  During this time I had the privilege of having a mom that continually imparted the knowledge that I was “fearfully wonderfully made”, “knit together by a loving God in my mother’s womb”, “with a plan and a purpose for my life”, by a “God that knew me and made me, even down to the numbers of hairs on my head.”  It was her mantra, said when needed and sometimes when not needed.  And it was the best thing for my skinny blonde haired self.

I remember in high school, although I was not content with the body I had, I was confident in it. Not only with my body, but with my brain.  I wasn’t brilliant by any means, but I didn’t have a problem sharing my opinions and backing up what I believed; both spiritual and general.  This continued on through the rest of my school life and into my adult years.  

Do I know everything? No! (my thirty year old wisdom has thoroughly taught me that much) But there is one thing that I learned early that I wish every woman would learn.  

It’s important, beautiful, powerful, visible, and empowering.  A woman who can walk out her door and know that she is amazing is the confidence I wish for every woman.  It’s the ability to push past our doubts, fears, insecurities and be the woman God created you to be.  Does that mean you don’t have those doubts, fears, insecurities? Not at all.  But instead of lingering on those thoughts and ideas you lay them at your Father’s feet and let go.  

Sounds easy right?  I realize it’s not.  I realize that it’s a daily, sometimes hourly struggle to get past whatever trouble that is holding on so tight. I realize it’s not going to go away overnight and sometimes it never does.  

But friend –

YOU are beautiful!

God made YOU!

He has a plan and a purpose, for YOU!

God knows YOU!

It’s true.  Hard to believe.  But true.  Say it to yourself.   Repeat it.  Believe it.

Because what you don’t see that I do, is His amazing touch on you.  He loves you, and wants you to be able to walk in the world around you confident in His love so that you can be confident in all areas of life.  



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